About Stacey Hatch

Ph.D., Registered Psychotherapist, CCC, CCTP

I am a certified Emotion Focused Therapy practitioner, Clinical Certified Trauma Professional, and Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy facilitator. With a PhD in aging and health, my therapeutic approach is evidence-based and integrates emotion-focused therapy, trauma therapy and mindfulness-based practices.

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Working Together

What are the benefits of working with me?

Personal Insights

Exploring emotions, thoughts, and behaviours can nourish a new self-awareness, sparking confidence, courage and strengthening resilience.

Practical Strategies

Compassionately understanding how and why present coping strategies developed helps to identify healthier and positive ways to manage life’s transitions and challenges.

Relationship Growth

Creating deeper and more fulfilling relationships through meaningful communication strategies can enrich our personal and professional lives.

Emotional Relief

Psychotherapy offers the opportunity to learn how to recognize our feelings, providing us with opportunities to learn how to regulate our emotions.

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Understanding Your Challenges

What challenges can I help you address?

We are each individuals with our own unique struggles. At the same time, we share many common challenges. I am unwavering in my support to help you find your safe and grounding place in your world.

I strive to practice within an anti-oppressive and anti-racist framework to support you to navigate diverse life transitions such as adulting, parenting and aging; anxiety, depression, mood issues and disorders; supporting 2SLGBTQ+ issues; and coping with trauma and post-traumatic responses to present situations.

My Guiding Principles

What are my core values and beliefs?

My practice is built on the foundation of compassionate support, offering a safe environment for exploration and growth. I value evidence-based therapy and apply scientific research to deliver effective care. I’m committed to a personalized approach, tailoring each session to meet your unique needs. My ultimate goal is your sustainable transformation.

Empowering Personal Well-Being

A Compassionate and Evidence-Based Approach

As a certified trauma and Emotion Focused Therapy practitioner, I integrate mindfulness, Emotion Focused Therapy, cognitive-behavioural techniques, and trauma therapy to create a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore and gain deeper insight into your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. My goal is to support you in becoming curious and compassionate about who you are, to identify the patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you, and to embrace new ways of being yourself.

Through personalized sessions and flexible scheduling options, I am dedicated to helping you gain new awarenesses to develop effective coping strategies and create sustainable change in your relationships. I support clients to learn how to live a more meaningful life. My goal is to empower you toward self-discovery, resilience, and overall well-being.

I offer individual therapy and mindfulness-based meditation groups, both in-person and remotely. 

We all exist within family, relationship, work and community-based systems. At times, this creates conflict for us. Often we find ourselves coping by suppressing our deeply held emotions, or we may have difficulty managing overwhelming emotions. My approach is based on compassion, deep listening and creating a safe therapeutic space to explore your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Helping you to recognize your strengths can support relief from unpleasant thoughts and feelings and repeating painful patterns. We will work together to help you achieve a sense of centredness and confidence, to come to a deeper understanding of who you truly are, and to discover ways to create more connected and meaningful relationships.

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Take the Leap

Invest in your well-being

Taking the first step towards improving your mental health is investing in yourself. Let’s embark on this journey together.